Saturday, May 5, 2012


Why not consider a mission trip for your vacation this year? And then, write your own short story documenting your experiences.

Here's a little motivation:

The best way to walk a mile in another person's shoes is to experience a mission trip. But what's it like from the perspective of a teenager? Interview follows:
Where did you go:
Joe: " We went to a community just outside of Pittsburgh."
Was this you first mission trip?
Joe: "yes."
What did you do?
Joe: " We mostly helped at The Boys and Girls Club of America. Where we played and talked with the children. We also did devotions everyday with another crew from the mission trip. As we did devotions some kids wanted to join us. We slept at a christian school where we also would eat and spend our free time. And we also took showers at the school (with a hose in the backyard in our bathing suits).
Was it what you thought it would be?
Joe: "yes."
Has your life changed because of it? How?
Joe: "Yes, me and along with many other people, feel closer to God. It also made me realize that some of these people don't have nearly as much as I do. I loved it and I would do it again in a heartbeat."
End of Interview.
Some may find it surprising that it was what he thought it would be. There are no five star accommodations on most mission trips. The only provisions are the ones that are donated by another person or organization. But for some unselfish reason this teen already expected that and was ready for it.
For more information on missions, check with your church and see what they participate in.

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