Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Time For Giving

We are in hard economic times. Many of us have lost jobs, spouses and the way we use to "do life." But God always has a plan.

This a time of reflection. 

  • A time to rid complacency (See the Joel discussions on the right). 
  • A time to stop living a disposable life. 
  • A time to pass clothes back and forth between friends. 
  • A time to share resources. 
  • A time to provide tangible help to the fatherless.
  • A time to consistently stay in the Word.
  • A time to honor our military.
  • A time to be simple.
  • A time to take a look at our stress and re-evaluate.
  • A time to love and not control.
Plan casual community groups where you can share resources that may help one another:
  1. Share coupons
  2. Share food purchased in bulk
  3. Start a paper drive for single moms (toilet paper, tissue, paper towel, etc.)
  4. Give clothes that you no longer need
  5. Provide information on free medical and dental clinics in your area
  6. Do you know of a mechanic who offers discounts to the military or single parents?
  7. Teach teens how to change the oil in their car or other car maintenance procedures.
  8. Share your talent. Do you know how to build shelves or fix appliances?
  9. Share gardening ideas. 
These steps help your community and help bring people together in a way that breeds fellowship, leadership, servitude and Christian love.

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